Coronavirus information

Updated 7th NOVEMBER 2020 14:01


Unfortunately we have had to close the park for the remainder of the year and we will be re-opening in March 2021. We are unsure on what the circumstances will be at this time but will be updating this page as changes are made. We are prepared for another season of uncertainty and again we will try our best to help our customers and make their stays with us as normal as possible

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the 2020 season, from our wonderful cleaners, to our brilliant staff and our incredibly understanding customers. Thank you all. 

We will be accepting bookings throughout the winter but due to the second lockdown access to the reception is very limited. Therefore we would request that you be patient with us during these uncertain times as we will be longer than normal in our response times. 

As stated above we are uncertain what the situation will be in March but below is the previous statement regarding the updates that we had in place to be able to run throughout the 2020 season. We believe that a lot of these will still be in place during the 2021 season so if you have any questions about what we will be doing to ensure your safety please read below. 

Although we have been given the go ahead to reopen this does not mean we have made the decision lightly to do so. There are steps we will be taking and routines that we will be adding to our daily schedule in order for Plough lane to be a happy but safe place to holiday. There is a huge step up with our cleaning rotor and even though we had a very high hygiene standard before covid-19 there are extra precautions we are taking to insure that both our guests and staff stay happy and healthy. This includes anti bacterial soaps, hand sanitiser easily available and hourly cleaning of touch points every hour during office hours with a daily deep clean.

Unfortunately there are some of our standard things that we are having to change until further notice which include, no more than one guest in reception at all times. We have temporarily removed some toiletries from our bathrooms to avoid repeated touch points and our book and dvd collection which was available to borrow will no longer be so. Our leaflets will still be displayed but if you wish to take any away you must inform reception to retrieve them for you. Although we will be opening our bathrooms  we are promoting you to only use them if necessary and when possible for you to use your own facilities. We have also had to limit the number of guests in our bathrooms to 3 at any one time. All this being said we have placed signs around the park to kindly remind everyone of their duties to help keep this terrible disease at bay. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that we are incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful key workers and heroes working for our NHS. Without them this disease would have affected us all a great deal more. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this awful pandemic for those who have lost loved ones young and old, jobs and stability, even those who have missed out on important moments in time like births and family occasions. But together these sacrifices are what have enabled us to take control of the situation and curb the spread of this awful disease.

We have been offering every single affected guest the opportunity to move all bookings and money paid to a future date in our  2021 season and this will remain the case throughout the remainder of this year. 

All this being said we the staff of Plough lane will be looking after everyone who chooses to holiday with us to the best of our ability but hope we have the correct balance as so it is still a peaceful place of retreat.

In the meantime, please stay safe and look after yourselves.  We look forward, more than ever, to seeing you all again.

All the very best. Stay safe.

The Plough Lane Team.