Castle Coombe – 6.5 miles easy cycling from site.

There are a number of options for people who want to explore North Wiltshire on their bike from Plough Lane. Immediately west of the site is an area of quiet roads and beautiful countryside which is just waiting to be explored.

There are many beautiful, historic villages in this area like Castle Coombe which we highly recommend people visit whilst with us.

A little further a field it is possible to join one of two established cycle routes which run from Chippenham. These routes run to Lacock and Avebury – both real tourist highlights for North Wiltshire.

We have compiled a folder with 12 cycle routes which explore areas around the site and further afield (up to 30mins drive). Each of the 12 routes has a number of printouts to take on your trip to help you to find your way. The folder itself is kept in reception for guests to borrow during their stay with us.

Cycling from the Site

Included below are the 3 cycle routes which we recommend guests follow from the site itself…

Cycle to Castle Coombe
Cycle to Calne & Avebury

plough lane caravan site virtual tour

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