360° Virtual Tour of the Site

Explore Plough Lane right now using our virtual tour of the site.  Easy to navigate and with high definition Google certified photography this tour will give you a great feel for what to expect when you arrive on site.

Click on the Sun Icon above to begin exploring (scroll down below for more instructions)….

How to Use Our Virtual Tour

  • Navigate using your mouse.
  • Click on the sun icon to move around the site.
  • Use the drop down menu at the top left to jump to different areas of the site.
  • Hover over the icons at the bottom right for more options.

Pictures are fine but we want to give our guests a proper feel for the site…

plough-lane-virtual-tourCreated during the summer of 2016 by a local Google certified photographer our virtual tour was born from the desire to give potential guests a way of exploring the Plough Lane before arrival.  Using top line equipment Andy, our photographer, has captured the site beautifully.

Lets face it simple photos are fine but they only show a portion of the site, with our tour you can explore at your leisure and see the site in its glorious whole!

We are passionate about new media as it gives us the chance to allow our guests to connect far better with the site.  Why not visit our Youtube channel?  We intend to post more videos in the near future, again to offer more info of what to expect here at Plough Lane. Oh and please don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube (its free).

Can I choose my pitch?

No I’m afraid we do not offer this service.  We allocate pitches on key specifics like your van length and awning type so we know which pitches will suit you best.  What’s more we may have to move guests right up to time of arrival in order to make a space for a disabled person near the loos. We hope you understand this.

Note: If you have stayed with us before do feel free to request a certain pitch or area of the site for your next holiday with us.  We never guarantee pitch allocation but we will make a note and always do our best to accommodate all requests.